so your child can go forward.

Providing a path to success for children & young adults with emotional and behavioral challenges


Your child is always on your mind.

You’re doing the best you can, but you’re struggling. Your child is struggling.

There’s confusion & red tape & so much unknown – and still you try. To understand, to make sense of the labyrinth of options & terms & agencies. To build relationships. To get your child signed on to the services that offer so much potential.

You’re doing all you can.

But you don’t need to do it alone.

We can refer you to a care management team that does all that – and more.

Go Forward Services works and can refer you to care management agencies to ensure that your child’s needs are addressed in the most stress-free, results-oriented way.

Multiple therapies & services – coordinated

Professional relationships – cultivated

Your questions & concerns – addressed

Your child’s care, managed.

And all your next steps charted.

Requires a diagnosis of medical fragility (ages 0-21) or serious emotional disturbance (ages 5-21)
Care management agencies accept Medicaid and most major insurances.


HCBS services address many issues.

We provide staffing for HCBS services

Our clients are dealing with many different challenges.

Michael is 11 years old and has been in and out of therapy since he started kindergarten. He has difficulty with social skills and executive functioning – and is unable to navigate the world like a typical 11 year old. His mother has taken him to every specialist, but nothing seems to help.

Isaac is a 20 year old young man who’s always had trouble with his peers – and he now sees the same challenge unfolding in the workplace. He refuses to take the medication prescribed for his anxiety because it makes him tired, but that means he can’t focus on working, learning new skills, or interacting with the rest of the team.

Sylvia was born with a congenital heart defect which resulted in multitudes of surgeries to repair the defect and improve blood flow. Sylvia has spent a large part of her early childhood years in hospitals and treatment centers, experiencing trauma due to parental separation and invasive procedures. Mom is apprehensive to send Sylvia to preschool, as her medication needs to be administered timely. As well, Sylvia’s separation anxiety needs to be addressed to ensure that she has a productive school year.

Abby is displaying severe signs of trauma and separation anxiety after her parent’s divorce. Abby has been privy to contentious altercations between her parents leading up to their divorce, and the custody battle that ensued did little to assuage Abby’s insecurities. She is prone to violent, raging outbursts, destroying home and school property, and setting fires to neighborhood dumpsters. Abby’s school counselor is concerned that if she does not receive intense behavioral and emotional rehabilitation, her destructive behavior will escalate to the point of admission to a juvenile justice facility.

Frieda has been struggling with excessive weight gain as a young child. By the age of 12 her self-image and negative relationship with food has led her to develop a severe case of anorexia. Frieda’s mom has paid for extensive interventions, including specialized dieticians and psychotherapy. However, Frieda’s condition continued to worsen and she was admitted to the psych ward for observation, monitoring, and further treatment. Prior to discharge, Mom needs to ensure that Frieda has someone monitoring her food intake and general personal hygiene.

At 16 months of age, Uri developed a severe case of eczema that covered large parts of his body, including his arms, legs and back. Excessive scratching has enabled open-wound infections to fester. Additionally, due to Uri’s lactose intolerance, he is prone to asthma attacks. Uri’s Mom is overwhelmed with the amount of supervision needed to keep Uri safe. She needs to ensure that Uri is occupied and distracted to prevent itching, monitor his food intake, and be on-call to administer the inhaler in case of an asthma attack.

With support, smiles, and a plethora of resources, we’re here for them.

HCBS… with love.

No one knows or loves your child like you do.
But when you’ll receive HCBS services from Go Forward staff, you know you’re giving your child the greatest chance at success.

Your love + our care

We implement a structured & collaborative plan for each part of the day by staffing your child’s HCBS services. Contact your HCBS provider to talk about staffing your child’s HCBS services with quality, trained Go Forward personnel that will help you go forward faster.

Educational Advocacy and Caregiver Training

Promoting optimal development by communicating with your child’s school & creating a supportive environment

  • Mentor connections
  • Parental resources and coaching
  • Professional consultation with school personnel
  • Home organization
Community Habilitation

Cultivating your child’s independence by assisting with daily living tasks & helping them acquire executive functioning skills

  • Social skills and problem solving development
  • Money management
  • Self-care skill building
Prevocational Training

Helping your child transition into a successful future by preparing children ages 14+ for success in the workforce

  • Financial planning and guidance
  • Time management and communication instruction
  • Responsibility and team-building exercises

Giving your child & the rest of your family a much-needed break with non-school related activities and 1-on-1 time

  • Recreational pastimes
  • Child-led activities
  • Goal-oriented sessions to enhance current skill development

A holistic approach for the strongest results.

Go Forward works along with an exceptional team of support resources including

Social workers
Mental Health Counselors
School Psychologists
Floortime Specialists
Educational Directors
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Speech Therapists

All here with your child in mind

Our resource team will evaluate and follow up with your child’s progress – a stress free experience.

Requires a diagnosis of medical fragility (ages 0-21) or serious emotional disturbance (ages 5-21)
Care management agencies accept medicaid and most major insurances.

Para Professional services

Inside & outside the classroom.

Paraprofessional services ensure that all students can take part in all school activities, regardless of struggle or sensitivity

For a child with a disability, many things are a struggle.

Allergies, behavioral challenges, & physical impediments are hard enough.

Being one of the gang in the classroom and with other school activities doesn’t have to be.

Go Forward Services is a vendor of the Department of Education & Department of Health to provide Health Paraprofessional Services to school-aged children with an IEP or IESP.


The proper para setup can do wonders for your child.

Our team of professionally trained paras are:

  • Hand-picked, for optimal results
  • Well-trained, to give your child the best chance at successful integration
  • Guided by high-level clinical staff for ultimate medical responsibility

Delivering care with knowledge, skill, and love.

Full-time & part-time positions available

Professional Development Training

Our most valuable assets.

Our schools & teachers are the foundation of our nation’s future.

With proper training, they can do so much more.

Maximize your professional development funding and use it toward:

  • Teacher Coaching
  • Administrator Coaching
  • Principal Coaching
  • Classroom Management Courses
  • Curriculum Guidance
  • Software Consulting

Join the multiple schools & teachers who have benefitted from our training and expertise.

Get in touch to find out more.

Government Grants

Looking for help with obtaining professional development funding?

Our team of experienced liaisons and grant writers are here to help.

Grant Writing

Application Guidance

Government Aid Liaison Services

Not sure where to start?
Already applied but were turned down?
Looking to submit an RFP?

If there’s a grant available, we can help with it.

  • Security Funding
  • Educational Program Funding
  • RFP and MTAC Writing
  • City and State Grants
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